keyshare Hubsan h109s x 4 pro 5.8GHz FPV RC quadcopter

$799.00 $799.00

Key Specifications/Special Features:
Equipped with image transmission system and 7th displayer for surface-monitoring
Steady flight
Duration of flight 30 minutes
Flight mode manual operation GPS Fragyuck
Fixed-point surrounding
Automatic returned
480p AV Image transmission equipment
Supports USB parameter regulation and software update
60 Glints can fly at the same time
Supports 8 Glints to shoot and real time monitoring
Supports 12M photo and 1080p video Keyshare Glint quadcopter. On the first look it seams to be a very promising quadcopter and a fearless alternative of the DJI Phantom series. This model available in at least 3 different packages, the base package will include only the Keyshare Glint with the remote controller. The most expensive deluxe edition (Glint Pro+) will also include the followings: 2D Gimbal, GoPro alike FHD camera and 5.8GHz LCD screen.

The actual tendency in the world of semi-professional quadcopters is to use their own gimbal and camera without letting any upgrade and tuning possibilities. Frankly, I don’t like this and I was glad that this new model at least apparently can be used with any other gimbal and camera.

Regarding the design of the Keyshare Glint, the square on the upper side of the body is what draw my attention while the rest is quite common for any other quadcopter from it’s category. Other information regarding the design is that it will be available in 4 different colors: white, blue, black and silver.

The generous 78 volt-ampere Li-Po battery allows up to 25 minutes of continuous flight.