$3,000.00 $3,000.00

Patented folding airframe.
Space saving design for convenient transportation.
Size matters, so the Draganflyer X4-ES packs up small but retains the ability to be quickly assembled, set-up, and deployed. At Draganfly we understand the design of an excellent sUAS package goes well beyond the aircraft.

Handheld ground control station.
Designed for critical, real-time missions.
Our extremely portable and ergonomic handheld ground control station provides you with a direct sunlight viewable screen for real-time video, telemetry, and mapping.
Controlled by our powerful Draganview software, safety features such as audible alerts and automated return-to-home, either at the touch of a button or when communication is lost, provide an extra level of protection.

Powerful aerial imaging.
On the fly switching between color and thermal FLIR imaging.
The Draganfly dual payload system features a brushless 2-axis stabilized mount housing two camera systems that function as one.
During the same mission you can view and capture high resolution still images and/or at anytime switch the video down-link feed to the FLIR camera system. All the while, the FLIR subsystem is recording video to the on-board micro DVR. Two camera subsystems that to the user, appear to function as one. That's powerful imaging from Draganfly Innovations.

Quick-release payloads.
Change your powerful payload options in seconds.
The Draganfly 1/4 turn Quick Release (QR) payload is clean, simple, fast, and even better, it eliminates the need for messy cables between the payload and helicopter.
The benefit: it's very fast to swap payloads and there are no worries about missing a critical connection. Clean, quick, professional ... that's a simple way to sum-up the Draganfly QR payload system.

Quick-release propellers.
Efficient motor cooling on a whole new level.
Our patent-pending, quarter-turn mounting propellers get you in the air fast. The efficient carbon fiber propellers are keyed to ensure proper placement on the appropriate motor.
This unique mounting system also incorporates a powerful, centrifugal cooling system. The combination of all of these features provides you with long-lasting flight times and extreme portability.

Folding landing gear.
Safe takeoffs and landings with the benefit of portability.
Patent-Pending, folding landing struts combined with the patented folding frame and patent-pending quick release prop system provides a very compact and quick to deploy aircraft system.
Constructed from high quality carbon fiber, the landing struts provide a solid, strong, wide stance, to help protect your investment and reduce the risk of "tip overs" when landing in strong winds or rugged terrain. When it's time to pack-up from the scene, packing the system is a snap.

Intelligent battery.
Safe, durable and long–lasting.
The battery is the magic behind high quality small unmanned systems and at Draganfly Innovations we take this very seriously. With the push of a button we quickly pre-flight the battery and our in-house design circuitry is consistently balancing the cells providing under-voltage, over-voltage and short–circuit protection.

Ultraportable transport case.
Protect your investment; take your system anywhere anytime.
Every Draganflyer X4 ES system comes standard with a custom designed military grade transport case for ultra- portability. CNC foam cut-outs provide a safe and convenient place for every component. Lighter soft bags are also available upon request.