$26,000.00 $25,500.00

Ikarus & MoVI heavy lift.

The open architecture of the drone allows for cameras such as the Red Epic to be flown on the same frame that carries canon 5D. Ikarus upgrade version has better motors and props, so it can handle the MoVI MR Gimbal. It allows the drone to carry a payload of 6.5 kgIkarus Super Lift Helicopter - Easily supports DSLR Cameras (Canon 5D MKIII) and can take a RED Epic CameraThe Ikarus Super Lift Helicopter is a purpose built 8 bladed Helicopter desigend for the Film and Broadcast industry, the Ikarus will quite happily carry a DSLR Camera such as the Canon 5D MK111 with lens and with a few modifications to the gimbal even carry a RED Epic. The Ikarus will also be ready to carry a Movi MR from Freefly due out soon.


This helicopter is capable of flying over 1 mile under full controll (line of site)

This kit comes fully assembled and tested and includes a DAYS Training FOR 2 People (you will howerver need a licence to fly it!).Key Features


Vibration Isolation System : Fully adjustable, patent pending vibration isolation system ensures smooth and stable footage in real life filming conditions

Camera Gimbal Mounting Plate : Mounting plate allows for quick and easy mounting/unmounting of the camera gimbal for travel

Quick Release Booms : Ikarus booms disconnect quickly and easily for fast packing and a small footprint. Our customers fly almost as much as the Ikarus, and making packing/unpacking easy is a priority

Top Mounted Battery : In addition to providing ease of access to the battery and optimal CG (center of gravity) for best flight perfomance, the top mounted battery creates a strucural cage around the sensitive flight control electronics

Threaded Inserts/Nuts : The Ikarus line uses threaded inserts in the carbon fiber plate to make assemblydisassembly a breeze. This design ensures that you only need to hold one tool at a time. Never again will you need to hold a lock nut in place with needle nose pliers in a poorly lit hotel room!

GPS/Navi mounting bracket : It is important to keep the sensitive GPS and Navi board away from and stray electomagnetic interference. For this reason, the Ikarus includes an optional GPS/Navi mounting bracket that allows you to mount these circuit boards out on a boom away from other electronics


This Helicopter has be designed with the Film and Broadcast industry in mind, its modular design can be dismantled for transport and enables the user to quickly swap out booms if need be so the rig is always operationally ready. All 8 booms are centred around the core management deck. This means you can quickly problem solve and diagnose problems even in a demanding environment. This ability is a key point when considering this type of application - often, there is no 2nd chance to simply "do that shot again".


The Ikarus Super Lift Helicopter Consists of the Following:


HL Frame

1x Ikarus Custom HL Centre Plate Module

8x HL upgraded booms & mounts

12x Hex aluminium spacers

1x Voltage management cable

1x Go Pro Cable

1x Battery straps

8x Motors Top range motors HL motor

1x Freefly Motor Control Unit Fully built including Distribution Board and ESC

8x 15” Carbon Fibre Props Lightweight HL props

1x Du-Bro Blade Balancer Essential pre-flight checking

1x Build Manual Heliguy HL Build and Ops Manual,  Part pre-assembled, HL configured and labelledFlight controller

1x DJI WK-M Full GPS integrated flight control and adv failsafes

1x DJI iOSD DJI On screen Display

1x Bluetooth LED For mods using Iphone / Ipad

1x 50 Waypoints With LK24 Transmitter and Receiver Build instruction and DNA Documents provided


Camera Gymbal

1x Freefly Cinestar Gimbal 3 Axis Gimbal

3x Freefly Radian 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilisation and Contorl

1x Freefly Dual Adjustable tilt bar Allows for mounting of larger cameras

1x Cinestar Armour Kit 2 battery trays and flat plate armour

1x Gimbal Quick Release Bespoke Cinestar carbon fibre plate with damping

1x CC BEC Gimbal Power

1x Power Management cable Splitter for battery

1x Gimbal Battery Powers gimbal and HDMi Converter

1x HDMI Converter Adapts your HDMi camera to DJI TX downlink Build instruction and DNA Documents provided


HL and Camera Control

1x Multirotor Radio DX18 (18 Channel Controller with twin antenna)

1x Gimbal Radio DX8 (8 Channel controller)

1x Aircraft Telemetry Module TM1000

1x 2.4Ghz Telemetry Receiver Our Bindings and settings are pre-programmed


HL and Camera FPV Telemetry + flight and Camera FPV Groundstations

2x DJI AVL58 5.8G VideoLink TX and RX with Clover Leaf Antenna

2x Ground Station Power 2200mah 11.1 v lipo

2x 10" Monitor With sun shield and cable set

2x Tripod Metal telescopic bull head tripod



2x 10000mah 6S (2 per flight)

1x Cellpro 6 V2 Multi Charger Package (DC input required)

1x 1200 Watt DC Power supply Bespoke Heliguy DC unit

1x USB Controller Manage your charging using your PC

1x Multi Port Safe Parallel Board Charge up to 6 batteries at once

1x MPA to Workstation connector

1x Battery Charging Connectors

1x Protective case Battery and charger case

1x Digital Battery Checker Essential pre-flight checking


Build and Training

 Build Service Specialist build and software configuration

Hand Over Training A day in our workshop and day at our flight centre for 2 people




4x Flight Battery 10000Mah (pairs needed for flight)

1x Gimbal Battery 2200Mah 11.1V

1x Gimbal Peli Case Peli 1640 for Gimbal

1x Bespoke Flight Case Custom case for Cinestar 8 (either a full or half case)

1x Spare Carbon Props Pair of CW and CCW

1x Spare HL Motor Single motor