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San-Huan SH 8832 C8 Camera 3.5-channel RC Helicopter:
3.5 channel: Up/Down, Left/Right, Hovering, Forward/Backward with GYRO, Brand new! Ready to fly out of the box. Full scale remote control, 360 degrees directions. 3D fuselage Easy to control.

You are looking at a GREAT metal frame GYRO RC helicopter. Ready to fly out of the box, Fully Assembled. Very easy to fly! Easy to control due to the latest gyroscope. High value with competitive price. Good helicopter. This helicopter is 100% assembled by the factory Ready to fly). Only need to charge then you can fly it. The electronic system has already been debugged by the expert when coming out of the factory and don't need to be debugged for a second time. Good review from buyers.
Basic Data of San Huan 8832 C8 Camera RC helicopter:
1. Helicopter size: 715 x 105 x 260mm
2. Color box size: 770 x 135 x 330mm
3. Operation area: 50m
4. Charging time: 120-180minutes
5. Flying time: 8-12minutes
6. Battery: 7.4V 1100mAh
Package including:
1 x Helicopter; 1 x Transmitter ;1 x Charger ;1 x Instruction Manual;  1 x Main blade; 1 x Screw tool
There are two colors for your choosing: Orange color and Green Color