$899.99 $349.99

    w/2.4GHz Radio, GPS System & 2-Axis Brushless Camera Gimbal 

    This is an Idea-Fly Mars Next-Generation Quadcopter (Standard Version) w/2.4GHz Radio, GPS System & 2-Axis Brushless Camera Gimbal. The Mars is Idea-Fly’s next-generation easy-to-use GPS-equipped 350mm quadcopter. The Mars features an all-new high-power motor system with quick-disconnecting self-locking propellers. The battery compartment is large and fits 3S LiPo batteries up to 6400mAh capacity (sold separately) for long flight times.

    This Standard version includes an MC6 2.4GHz 6-channel DSS transmitter and a 2-axis brushless camera gimbal. Just add an Idea-Fly WiFi Sports Cam 1080P, a GoPro HERO 3, a Boscam HD19 or other similar action camera (sold separately), and you’re ready to shoot smooth high-quality video.

    After familiarizing yourself with the basics of your new Mars series quadcopter, you’ll be ready to use the Mars’ high-tech functions, like the GPS Flight Mode, Return-to-Home function, and programming your quadcopter for the best flight performance under the current flight conditions using the included Autopilot Configuration program.

    **Camera Shown Not Included**


    • Easy to Operate and Fun to Fly Next-Generation Design

    • Durable Factory-Assembled Frame with Bright LEDs Ensure Good Visibility

    • Large Battery Compartment Fits 3S LiPo Batteries Up to 6000mAh for Long Flight Times

    • MC6 2.4GHz 6-Channel Digital Transmitter and Receiver

    • C6W Digital Programmable Flight Control System with Fail-Safe and Low-Voltage Protection

    • Precise Hovering and Self-Leveling with GPS with Return to Home GPS Function

    • 2-Axis Self-Leveling Brushless Camera Gimbal with Remote Pitch Control

    • Low Noise, High-Power Brushless Motors with Quick Disconnect Self-Locking Propellers

    • Custom Programming and Updateable Flight Controller Firmware


    • Length: 11.25 Inches

    • Width: 11.25 Inches

    • Diagonal Span: 15.5 Inches

    • Flying Weight: Approximately 2.6 Pounds (Depending on Battery Used)

    • Propeller Size and Type: 9450 Plastic

    • Flying Time: Varies (Depending on Battery Used)

    • Operating Temp: 14°F to 122ºF (-10ºC to 50ºC)

    • Power Consumption: 3.12W

    • GPS Hovering Precision: +/- 0.8M Vertical +/- 2.5M Horizontal

    • Maximum Yaw Angular Velocity: 300deg/sec

    • Maximum Tilt Angle: 45 Degrees

    • Maximum Ascent/Descent Speed: +/- 4ms

    • Motors/ESCs: 2212 980kv/20 Amp

    What's Included:

    • Factory-Assembled Mars Series Quadcopter

    • MC6 2.4GHz 6-Channel Digital Transmitter

    • 2-Axis Brushless Camera Gimbal

    • M3 x 6mm Mounting Screws for Camera Gimbal (QTY. 4)

    • Clockwise Rotation ‘Black Hub’ Propellers (QTY. 2)

    • Counter-Clockwise Rotation ‘Silver Hub’ Propellers (QTY. 2)

    • Foam Rubber Battery Spacer

    • Bind Plug (Attached to Transmitter)

    • CD w/Operator’s Manual PDF, Flight Controller Software and How-To Videos

    Items Required, But Not Included:

    • Hobby People 3S 6400mAh LiPo Battery w/Female XT60 Power Connector*

    • Hobby People Ultra 100 Multi-Chemistry Balance Charger

    • Idea-Fly WiFi Sports Cam 1080P (Optional)

    • Hobby People XT60 Plug Set - Female for Battery Power Connector

    • Hobby People XT60 Battery Adapter for Charger - 4mm Bullet to XT60 Female

    • Ultra-Last 8 ‘AA’ Alkaline Batteries for Transmitter

    • Hobby People LiPo Battery Low Voltage Alarm**

    • Hobby People Mini USB Cable for Programming and Firmware Updates***

    *The Mars series quadcopter is suitable for use with 3S LiPo batteries ranging from 3000mAh to 6400mAh. The greater the capacity (mAh), the longer the flight times, but the heavier the weight. We suggest using a battery with a discharge rate of 20C or greater. The battery dimensions should not exceed 5-1/4 (L) x 1-5/8 (W) x 1-1/2 (H).

    **When the LiPo battery voltage drops to the low voltage cutoff value during flight, the LED Condition Indicator will flash Red rapidly to indicate you must land immediately. For extra precaution, we suggest using a programmable LiPo Battery Voltage Alarm that can be mounted with the LiPo battery inside the quadcopter. You are able to program the alarm to sound at a higher cutoff voltage value to give you more time to safely land before the battery voltage drops too low and results in a crash.

    ***Not required for basic flying, but programming is required for best performance.rcp299cs