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Activator Ultra 100

100/120W AC/DC Touch-Screen Charger

More Power to Charge Faster!

The Activator Ultra 100 has 100 watts of power to get that high-power battery charged faster! Most high C-Rated LiPo batteries can be charged at 2C or even 3C (2 to 3 times their capacity rating). To take advantage of this faster charging rate, a charger with more power is needed and the Ultra 100 delivers. Charge a 2200mAH 3S LiPo in 20 minutes. Charge a 5000mAH 2S car pack in under 30 minutes. Charge quickly and charge safely with the Ultra 100. 

The Activator Ultra 100 puts you in control of your charging. Graphs, advanced functions, and custom setup make the Ultra 100 versatile for every common hobby charging need. From LiPo to NiMH, the Ultra 100 charges every common rechargeable battery used in the hobby today. 

All of this power and versatility is simple to use, too. The Activator Ultra 100 features an advanced touch-screen menu that is obvious, simple, and easy to use. Clear graphics make setup a breeze. The information provided will meet the needs of even the most demanding modeler. 

High-Power, Touch-Screen, AC/DC Input, Graphing, Multi-Chemistry, Cycling. The Activator Ultra 100: Everything you need to take your charging to the next level. Only from Hobby People.


  • 3” Color Back-Lit Touch-Screen
  • Modern OS system
  • USB Output for USB Charging
  • 32-Bit Processor
  • Multi-Chemistry Charging
  • Adjustable Alarm and Audible Indicator


  • Charges LiPo, LiIon, LiFe, NiCd, NiMH, Pb
  • Output: .01-8A Charge Rate
  • Discharge: .1-3A Charge Rate
  • Cells: LiXX: 1-6S, NiXX 1-16S, Pb 1-10S
  • Charging Modes: Fast, Balance, Charge, Discharge, Cycling, Storage, Battery Check, Manual,
  • Balance to +/- .01v (JST-XH Balance Ports, Other Adapters available separately.)
  • Multiple Safety and Charge Parameters, Consumer Programmable

Check Out These Accessories for the Activator Ultra 100:


  • 118519 is universal balance board. This handy item is perfect for the aircraft pilot. This universal balance board has all of the major-brand balance plugs for LiPo batteries.
  • 118514 is a balance tap extension. This harness gives you the freedom to balance charge your batteries while it is in a LiPo bag.