Built from a tabular aluminum alloy. It features a lightweight body integrated with high speed planetary gear motor. It is suitable for any type of indoor/outdoor Robotic applications, where high speed stroke is required and/or very low noise measuring only 5dB above ambient.

9"/sec or 230mm per sec speed with no load.

4.5"/sec or 120 mm per sec. with 22 lb load.

Duty cycle 22%.

temperature range -26 to +65 centigrade degrees.

Wiring :2 wires, reverse polarity changes direction.

4",6",8",10",12",18" strokes are available. (custom strokes are also available ).

Higher forces(torques) and slower speed options are available.

uses MB8 brackets for both sides.

For power supply use manufacturer's power adapters.

close length 21.5"

open length 33.5"